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Good News

Spotting his approach, Lucian raised a hand in greeting which Alexander returned. Lucian stopped as the goats milled further along the path at a gentle walk, sneaking mouthfuls of new grass. Thankful for Lucian’s stop, Alexander slowed his pace to a much more comfortable one for his tired joints. His cane beat a tempo in the soft dirt as he smiled. It was curious to him how different the two brothers looked. Lucian was a youth of ten and eight, his features deeply tanned and marked by stricter, angled bones that Alexander might swear were cut by a mason rather than being born to him. A steadily developing shadow of facial hair attempted to soften Lucian’s austere appearance, and he might have been handsome except for his ill-set nose—an injury procured some years back that left a jagged reminder of itself. His darker eyes disquieted Alexander some, as he could read nothing from them. The black curls of his hair were longer and unkept, falling about his ears.

The same height of Alexander, his broader frame was given him by his late sire. Thick limbs developed from years of climbing and surviving the rugged landscape of the mountain had fashioned him into a large, bulky lad. It seemed it had become his duty now to tend the goat herd Alexander had once watched in his own youth.

“Good morrow, doctor,” Lucian greeted evenly, curiosity tinging his tone. “Good news?”


This is a snippet from the first book of my current trilogy. Here we are introduced to one of the characters through the eyes of Alexander, our protagonist. Alexander is the lead of the tale, a man who wishes for naught but simple things and a simple life. But a book of simple things would be boring, no?

Alexander will find himself amongst a diverse cast of characters in the first book: Genesis Age. In this book, he will be joined by fairies, lycans, vampires, and more. The book will revolve around the history of how creatures like vampires and lycans came to exist in our world.

The draft of the first book is completed and currently undergoing rewrites to polish the original further. It's not easy rewriting an entire book, but it's even harder to write a book from scratch so I will continue to persevere.

Once the rewrite is finished, I'll be looking to run it past some beta readers to try and get some more feedback. If all goes well, I should be able to publish it early next year. If you want to learn more about Alexander and the Genesis Age then drop your email in the sign up down below. Subscribers to my newsletter will also get exclusive access to future content and more.

Until then, lovelies, keep dreaming~

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