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Teacher Tales (Episode 1)

"You have got to be joking," she muttered as she looked up at the neat, brick line fencing that was broken up by an impressive, wrought iron gate with similar features marking lengths along the brick wall. The gate had filigree along the top of it with gold, script letters marking "I" and "A". Beyond the gate, she could see an impressive structure further back with what looked like columns extending from the front steps to the roof. If not for the evidence of recently dug soil or the large-powered equipment sitting off to the side, one might have believed the structure was a long-standing affair. Anisha, however, was well aware it was not. Indeed, the entirety of the grounds had been empty a mere three months ago.

"Talk about lacking subtlety," she sighed as she watched the gates swing open under some unseen power, enabling her to drive her silver jeep through the opening structure. Her tires growled up the gravel roadway, rolling their way past the neatly trimmed grass. Parking her vehicle in front, she opened the door and raised a brow at the height of the building before her. Was this a school or a state building? Honestly.

Stepping out of the jeep, she briefly checked to make sure the high-powered taser was securely strapped under her jacket. The heat pricked sweat along her neck but she wasn't about to take the jacket off. Thunder rumbled in the distance, causing her to glance over her shoulder to spy dark clouds building on the horizon. Seems they were due for bad weather.

"Looks like a storm," a pleasant sounding voice spoke up from behind her, causing her to turn around swiftly. The man held up his hands in a placating manner, smiling. "Calm down, no need to be getting jumpy. Save the energy for tomorrow when school starts, okay?"

Raising a brow, Anisha eyed the man as she replied, "I am calm."

The man raised a dark eyebrow, lips quirking some in a naturally bronzed face as he replied, "Of course. Well then, I am Jacob, Jacob Whitewater. I'm the social studies teacher. You must be the new 'teacher' they sent us?"

Anisha narrowed her eyes at the man, straightening her spine, "I am a teacher."

It was true. She had actual papers and everything proving that she had earned that title just as much as anyone else. But, she reasoned inwardly, she supposed that she wasn't just a teacher. Her keen gaze scanned him, seeking clues.

"Excellent," Jacob replied. "And if you're wondering, I'm an elementalist, earth affinity."

He made a pointing motion over his shoulder with his thumb, indicating something on his back that neither of them could see. Anisha paused, surprised. She'd never actually met an elementalist, none that she knew about, anyways. Her job usually sent her after less savory individuals. Elementalists just, well, usually weren't the ones going around killing people. Didn't mean they couldn't though, she thought.

"Right, earth affinity. I'm Anisha," she held out her hand now, grasping his in a firm grip. "Anisha Lapointe. I-"

"Lapointe?" a voice interrupted, eyes turning to a figure who lingered near the school entrance under the shade of the eaves. He smiled thoughtfully at them, "It is French for 'point', typically referring to that of a lance. It was a common nickname for soldiers centuries ago. A fitting name for a hunter of the supernatural, do you not think, Jacob?"

As the man spoke, his lips parted and Anisha's brown gaze caught the unmistakable glimpse of fangs. Vampire, she thought, fingers twitching as they itched for her weapon. She'd not even entered the building yet and she already had to deal with speaking to one of those foul creatures. Jacob sighed and smiled at Anisha suddenly, motioning, "Anisha, this is Samson Lebeau, our English teacher. Don't worry about him, he's just a little broody since we learned that we're going to work with the Ministry. Would happen to any vampire who's had a few life-threatening run-ins with the Ministry, not to worry. I'm sure he'll come around."

Samson scoffed in the background. Anisha raised a brow incredulously at Jacob's pleasant tone, uncertain if he was serious or mocking her. He smiled pleasantly enough, she mused absently. She stiffened as she heard the question she'd been dreading.

"Well then," Samson spoke up, looking pointedly at her. "What sort of curriculum does a bona fide trained killer teach?"

Anisha swallowed, holding her head high as she responded as confidently as she could, "I teach diverse human activities reflecting imagination through visual, auditory, and performing works."

At their blank looks, she blushed some and reluctantly added, "I"

A moment of silence followed her declaration. Samson stared at her as if she'd turned into talking tree. Then Jacob burst into raucous laughter. Anisha glared daggers at him. What a way to start her new teaching life, she thought. Being a hunter for the Blade Ministry had been easy. But now she had to teach art in a school for supernatural beings? How was she supposed to last another 180 days here? She let out a massive sigh.

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