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The Anteldius Letters (#1)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Quote of the Week:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.”

― Heraclitus


Welcome back, everyone, it is good to be able to write once more. My days fill more and more with things I must do, rather than things I wish to do, but that is the same for everyone. This week, I am sharing something a bit different. I am including in this blog post a letter, but it is not my letter. Our letter writer is a young man named Galsga, who once lived a very long time ago in the Free City of Corime. Today, his letters and writing are famous throughout his world. Galsga, unfortunately, did not live to see that fame. His work,

however, changed his world forever and opened the eyes of many to those beyond

themselves. I have debated for many years to share these letters in writing. Today, I share one of the first.


Year 873

20th day of the Belsè Moon

Dear Frederk,

I know this seems sudden, my leaving. Some will say it madness, others a broken-hearted quest. In truth, though, I have never felt freer than I do now as I write to you. You may worry for me, wonder if perhaps it is the pain of rejection that has sent me from our city. I assure you, it is not. When dear, beautiful Octa chose Besgar for her husband I felt only relief. I wish her and Besgar only the best, for she has chosen her happiness. Now, I seek my own.

Perhaps I shall cross east to the Belvaun Empire, to see if it is true that the Fae walk among them? Or shall I go north and see a summer in Danburge? I suppose in either direction, I run the risk of meeting a dragon. I shall hope fondly that if such should come to pass, it is a reasonable dragon with little appetite. I do not think I would taste very good. If I do fail to write, I suppose we might surmise I did meet a dragon but he was unreasonable and had a large appetite. Let us pray then, Frederk, that this dragon does not find me or I him.

Do not mistake my humor, dear friend, for I will miss our cherished city of Corime. Even now, as I pen this letter to you, a small part of me misses the crowded chaos of our streets and immutable, red stones that mark her boundary line. I intend to return one day, in time. For now, a great part of me yearns to follow this weary, stone road wherever it leads me. I must follow it.

Perhaps when I do return, my father’s anger will have waned. I hope he will forgive me one day. Our city of Corime is known as the Free City—the city free of kings, ruled by itself. I am proud of it. I am proud of my mother who has long sat on its Free Council in governance. I hope my leaving does not damage her standing amongst the other councilors. Even still, I must leave it behind. I hope also that my elder brothers in their apprenticeships do not hate me for leaving. I hope they will forgive my disappearance, my shirking of expectations long set. I feared I would suffocate beneath such expectations. Indeed, I am nothing if not full of hope.

It may be some time before I see you or the others again. Hug your children for me, dear friend, tell them Uncle Galsga misses them. Tell your wife Esa I shall miss her pies, and dream of them when I am hungry. Finally, do not forget me. Put a brew out for me on Last Belsèeir Day, for I doubt I shall find a brewer so fine as you and your kin. When next I write to you, I shall have decided upon my direction. Perhaps I shall be a guest in another city then? Until then, dear friend, I wander ever onwards.

Peace to you,

Galsga Noray Anteldius



If you have read this far, I thank you for reading it. I intend to share the contents of other letters written by Galsga in the future, as they become available. If you enjoyed reading, please click on the heart button and show love by sharing this post with friends. If you have questions about the letter or Galsga, please comment them down below. Thank you for visiting, lovelies, have a wonderful week ahead!


Word of the Week:

Belsè [BEL-shay] (noun) - a celebration, carnival, festival, or party

(Belsè Moon is a month long celebratory period in Corime, the Free City)

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