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The Anteldius Letters (#2)

Quote of the Week:

“The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants and discovers, along the way, what he needs.” ―Wally Lamb


Hello again, my friends. It's been a bit of a journey since last we met. In this day and age, everything seems so very transient. Our normalcy, our stability, has changed over the last year. I imagine that years from now, I'll still be able to reflect how parts of life then will be effected by the challenges of life now. It's difficult. But that does not mean it's forever.

We all want free of what these challenges are today that plague us. We want our normalcy back. Yet, our sense of normalcy was not built in one day―or even one year. The normalcy of our lives before the year 2020 was the culmination of life itself for the past millennia. Every choice, action, achievement, and failure of human existence brought us to our sense of normalcy. As we watch the world spin on, it should be comforting to us to know that―while it may take more time than we wish―we will find "normalcy" again. Perhaps not the normalcy we were familiar with. But a "normalcy" just the same. For me, at least, the thought is comforting.

For our letter writer, Galsga, normalcy conjures a different image altogether. When reading the letters written by Galsga to his childhood friend, Frederk, one understands that normalcy exists differently to them. To understand the difference I am referring to, I welcome you to read the letter attached here from Galsga during his famous journey across the continent.


Dear Frederk,

As I have written to you, it may safely be said that I have become no dragon’s meal thus far. A grand thing indeed! I will say, however, that I have seen a dragon. A glimpse, mind you, of the creature as it did pass over me. I had sat down near the road’s edge in the shade of a tree. The heat had grown unbearable to continue my passage so I thought to take an early supper in its relief. The food I had was meager, and I wish every day I had brought some of your Esa’s pies with me. Sweet pies! Savory pies! Pies, dear Frederk! Pies are what I yearn for, the finest of Esa’s pies! Alas, I shall have to recall such food in my dreams, for there is none of that fare on my journey. Yet, I digress.

There I sat, nibbling on my simple fare, wishing for the heat of the day to pass quickly. In the distance, I could see a flock of birds on the horizon. Well, I had supposed them to be birds. After all, it was all I’d ever seen flitting about in the sky on winged might. As they drew closer, however, they became much larger than I’d imagined. The speed at which they approached and their size made me hold my breath, whether from hope or fear I cannot say.

Scrambling to my feet, my heart leapt from my chest when a pair of stags suddenly bounded from the tall grass, racing past me in certain fear. Then the “birds” passed over me and I am certain I must have looked up at them with a fool’s expression. Enormous, their bodies swept past me overhead at such speed I barely glimpsed their forms before they were passing swiftly onwards. Three, Frederk! Three, enormous, powerful dragons! The wind from their wings tore my hat from me, sending it flying across the field nearby. The tree I had sat beneath rattled its limbs in protest at the fierce wind, which suddenly shifted away from them as they passed me with a mighty strike of their wings.

So low to the ground they were as they passed, I nearly thought I could reach out and touch their scaled hides. If they’d granted me a second more of their time, I’m certain I would have tried. One might have suggested these to be wild dragons, like the old tales you and I had once heard told. Yet, I am certain I spotted riders upon their backs, though I could not say what they looked like for the swiftness of their passing.

I could not say where the dragons and their riders came from. Nor could I say where it was they were headed. Nevertheless, I am certain there was great urgency in their passage. I have no knowledge regarding the usual speed of a dragon in flight, failing to have seen one before that day. What I can say is that neither dragons nor riders spared me a moment’s glance as they winged onwards. A great hush was left in their wake, birds nor insects singing as they should. Their flight held no wasted movement nor deviation of course. Straight as arrows from bows they flew, as though to out fly the eye of Erion itself.

Later, when I had regained my hat and finished my supper, I returned to the path I had chosen. This part, friend, I will ask you not to share with others. I do not wish them to fear for me. For on the path, where I am certain it had not been before, lay a dagger. Its shape was finely crafted and its kind I have only seen in the craftsmanship of dwarves. Yet it did not seem dwarven in its appearance. Alas, it was neither its shape nor its beauty that gave me pause. It was the blood that marred its silvered appearance.

Blood both thick and dark did tarnish the dagger as it lay in the dust of the path. I cannot say for certain where it had come from, but I suspect it must have fallen from the back of one of the dragons who had passed me by. What could I do? The dragons were long gone from me, and I have no knowledge of who they were. So, I have taken the dagger with me. Should I gain the chance to the return it to its owner, then I shall be pleased to have been of use. If I should never meet the owner, which I greatly suspect, then I shall simply bear it with me on my journey and it shall serve to remind me of the day that I first saw a dragon. Whose blood was on the dagger, you ask? Well, unless the dragons come back to find me, I don’t suppose we shall ever know that.

When I return, you shall have to remind me to show it to you. I’m sure you’d agree with me that it is finely fashioned. I have yet to reach any great city. But never fear, my journey has been pleasant and quite ordinary otherwise. I don’t imagine too much shall happen to upset this. When next I am able, I shall write to you again, my friend. Give my love to your family, Uncle Galsga wishes them all well. Oh! And do not forget to send the gift I left you to Octa and Besgar for their wedding. I do hope they enjoy it. Until then, my friend.

Peace to you,

Galsga Noray Anteldius



Thank you, friends, for joining me today. I wish you the best as we all try to find our normalcy again. If you like this content, please heart it so I know and share with friends and family. I look forward to sharing more about Galsga's wonderful adventures in the future. It's always wonderful to connect with you all so feel free to drop a comment or leave a message. Thank you again and best to you all!


Word of the Week:

Erion [er-RI-on] (noun) - name of the world’s Creator in the common trade tongue

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